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Composer Caroline HillMoore

Caroline is working as a freelance composer for Likha International Publishing, Starlyte Music Licensing and Big Score Music,  What Up Pitches Sync Licensing Agency signed one of Caroline's Music tracks. Caroline has Epic Cinematic Pop songs in multiple Sync Licensing Agencies.

Caroline completed a 6 month music mentoring program with Cathy Heller Reinstein.


Caroline's "Soul Sailing" recently received a great music review and the reviewer compared the piece to early Joe Satriani.

Caroline orchestrated Strings for Rob Fusari (Grammy Award winning Producer)

Orchestrated Strings,Horns,Harp for Earl Cohen

(Grammy Award winning Producer)

She also scored classical music for a London based choreographer and dancer. Her music was featured in Muhleres,Bah a short film written by Joao Costa Menezes and was shown in the short film corner of the Cannes Film Festival

films / games / T.V

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