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 Composer Caroline HillMoore

films / games / T.V

"I am reminded of other moments of first encounter with extraordinary Style, Wit, and Thought, painting the Silence colors unusual, powerful, and unique. A Head Spinner."

- RTCOOPER composer/musician

About Me

Caroline Moore is an award winning film composer and songwriter who was classically trained and, at the age of eight, composed her first piano solo. After completing college, she studied music composition with Sherwood Shaffer at the North Carolina School of the Arts. She later studied music with Sir Leo Arnaud, who is most noted for composing Buglers Dream used as the Olympic Theme."

Caroline works as a freelance media composer. She is working as a freelance composer with Starlyte Music Licensing. Her most recent projects have included several scores for documentaries and commercials.. In 2008 she orchestrated Strings for Rob Fusari (2008) Orchestrated Strings,Horns,Harp for Earl Cohen (2008) Caroline also scored classical music for a London based choreographer and dancer. Her music was featured in Muhleres,Bah a short film written by Joao Costa Menezes and was shown in the short film corner of the Cannes Film Festival

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